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About Yillo

Yillo is a awesome alarm clock with easy idea, been as annoying and hard to ignore as he can. This application has been designed to be easy to setup but also strong enough so you can have an smart alarm clock that can do great things like recognize easy objects like toothbrush, shoes, other objects and animals, recognize smiles on a image so you have to wake smiling, even by force, or simply solving puzzles like math equations, memory and sequence android games to stop the alarm.

You can customize this alarm clock any method you like including :

Adding Challenges

This alarm clock comes with a lot of challenges (like puzzle, games, taking images and more to come) that gives you tasks so you can't dismiss the alarm and go back sleep.

You can also add multiples challenges to your alarm, that way, when the alarm starts, a random challenges will be assigned to alarm when you test to turn it off. That method you will not obtain bored with the same challenge appearing all the time.

Some of the tasks you can add to your alarm are:

Picture Challenge

Using machine learning and other nerd stuffs, this application has learned to recognize a pre-select list of objects and hold you from turn off the alarm until you take image of pre chosen objects or animal.

For example, always forget to drink water? Add a challenge to take a image of a cup when it triggers so when it start you have to stand up and drink water

Smile Challenge

Simple like that, you have to wake up with a large smile, a really large 1 and take a selfie. If you don't present all of your teeth to the camera the alarm will never go out. Jokes book is really recommended for this challenge

Memory Game

The classic memory mobile game you used to play on flash websites. Configure the board with the number of cards you wish and, when the alarm starts, match the pairs on the board until you find out all the pairs and then the alarm will dismiss.

Equation Challenge

If you think wake up early is annoying imagine wake up early having to solve a math problem. Happily that is the case 😁. Choose between levels of math issue to solve when the alarm goes off and fry your brain out trying to find out the correct number.

Sequence Game

Complete this puzzle by tapping the shapes on the screen at the same order as it shines. Don't worry if you don't remember all at first, the alarm can repeat the sequence as a lot of times you want.


Disable snooze so you really have to complete the challenges or change the snooze duration to a really little 1 so you don't have any time to rest.


Don't like you phone vibrating like crazy when waking up? Me neither, thats why you have the option to disable vibrate from the alarm and just listen to the attractive ringtone ring.


Choose between you favorite downloaded musics or your phone ringtones to wake up and configure the volume you wish the media to play.

Soft wake

The media you choose will increase the volume gently until the sound the you configured so it don't scare you when wake up.

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